Nov 26, 2007


---------------ब्यक्तिब्यक्तित्व पढनको लागि फाटोमा क्लिक गर्नुहोस

---विष्णु चेम्जोङ --------मिजास तेम्बे ---------निवा हाङमा ------------दीपक लिम्बू

-----कुमार सुब्बा ----------धनाहाङ सुब्बा--------दिनेश सुब्बा------.---माल्भिका सुब्बा,

--टंक सम्बाहाम्फे ------विश्वासदीप तिगेला
-------------ब्यक्तिब्यक्तित्व पढनको लागि फाटोमा क्लिक गर्नुहोस


uttam said...


lilimhang said...

Dear Editor
The attached photoes of this coloum are not appropriate according to title byakti byaktitwa(person and personality). I mean the photoes are totally of the artists, and they are not playing vital role to change society and transiting of evills. The known as artist of limbus are just making their role to sustainability proffesion, but not changing limbuwan community at all. In this coloum there lacking those political leaders who are always devoting for land autonomy and social change. This much today.


yakthungma said...

I agree with Mr. Lilimhang.

This column must be dedicated to those personalities only who have contributed in the upliftment of limbuwan; its language,culture,religion,society, etc.

limbuwan said...

I'm not agree with both comments, to be in list of persona personaliy means doesn't mean person should be from the political field, above this people are deserve to be in list person personality they have done good thing some of them done research about limbu's historical story,some of them done remarkable activities in the field of media and some them are using their pen for recognition of Limbu in country, there for this people are famous. it means recognition of Limbu itsef famous, this is call personality,